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Neuer, deutschsprachiger Bienentanz-Flyer erhältlich (PDF)

Bienentanz's new German language flyer available (PDF)

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Bienentanz produces corporate, product and event videos for companies and organisations, mainly in the pharma, life science and medical devices industries. In this field of business Bienentanz has worked for renowned leaders such as Novartis, Promega, TNT (clinical services) and KPMG.

Corporate and product videos require detailed preparation and significantly more input into shooting and post-production than event videos. They need to be conveniently accessible and user-friendly. Bienentanz works towards ensuring that the resulting video not only lives up to highest technical and aesthetic standards but is also both informative and enjoyable to watch, and thus suited to further the client's commercial objectives.

One-off events such as scientific conferences, corporate R&D days, press conferences and trade fairs require significant financial input but reach only the people attending. Bienentanz's event videos have gained a reputation as a means of multiplying the impact of an event, reporting on its highlights, covering leading participants' views and capturing the general mood. These videos are completed within days (or, if need be, hours), readily compressed to be integrated into websites or PowerPoint presentations and used as marketing tools, thereby reaching a far greater audience. They can also be distributed via interactive CD-ROMs, DVDs or Blu-ray discs.

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