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Neuer, deutschsprachiger Bienentanz-Flyer erhältlich (PDF)

Bienentanz's new German language flyer available (PDF)

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Bienentanz has supported clients in generating coverage from some of the world's most renowned industry-related publications, thanks to its knowledge of the media landscape, of the publications' business models and workflow procedures and of what in a press release editors look out for. Bienentanz also tracks the success of clients' media campaigns and communication strategies.

We have also acquired a strong reputation for our business/financial and technical/scientific writing in both English and German. The publications and media to which we contribute range from annual/quarterly reports and press releases to articles in general and industry-related publications to marketing material and websites. Our ability to identify the core issues from a wide and diverse body of information, to distil the key messages and to transform these into precise, but at the same time crisp and vivid wording is exemplified by our life science management newsletter, the Bienentanz Buzz Letter.



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